DeSoto Gets a Pool

Jawan Douglas

The DeSoto ISD Board of Trustees, along with the City Council of Desoto, are planning on making yet another major improvement for not only our school, but also for our community. A joint meeting was set up in the DeSoto Civic Center

The Board of Trustees are discussing the new improvements of the school, regarding the academies and the academic levels of the students.

During the meeting, the council and school board presented a video regarding Maisie, an elderly woman who contributed 30 years of her time towards providing a pool for the neighborhood kids, who spend every summer playing baseball. To help with her community project, she’s launched a plan to save by selling recyclable cans, although many (including her own daughter) have thought that this project would do nothing but tire her out. All in all, she persevered, raising a total of $100,000, plus a $73,000 grant from her neighborhood bank. The two organizations, along with members of the community, have thought of this as an inspiration for the unveiling of a new project: an Aquatic/Rec Center.

DeSoto ISD & City Council has presented a “Dream Team” for the Aquatic/Rec Center, which will serve towards not only the public, but also towards the school’s swim team. Consisted in this team is athletic director Larry Davis, along with Bobby Laborde (CFO of DeSoto City Council), Chris Glover (Rec Manager), and M. Renee Johnson (Managing Director of City of DeSoto). Included in the center’s designs are the following amenities:

  • Fitness Center
  • Rec Opportunities
  • After School Programs
  • Parties/Aquatics
  • Class/Activity Spaces
  • Contract Instructors
  • Fitness Classes
  • Aquatic Programs
  • Area School rentals
  • Club Practice
  • Residential/Visitor Swim


The center will include a competition level arena, complete with 8-12 50-meter lanes, along with spectating seating areas for the public.

Check back near April 2, for when the Council & school board decides to start building our newly included establishment.