OPINION COLUMN: Relationships & Dating

Is cheating becoming okay in today’s society?

Nia Mosley

Everyday I spend about three hours on twitter. During my time on the social media app, I come across a few upset/hurt people, this is after they’ve found out they’ve been cheated on. The reactions sometimes confuse me, as if some people are okay with cheating. So the question remains “Is cheating becoming okay in today’s society?” Sadly, in my opinion cheating is becoming okay. I see people who stay in relationships after they’ve been cheated on. I also see people in relationships, where both the people have another significant other on the side. I can’t come to an understanding as to why people get comfortable being a second choice, or the side. Why would you want to be someone’s mashed potatoes when you can be someone else’s Steak? Then I began to wonder if it’s a choice or if people simply lack self-respect and morals. My answer to the topic at hand is Yes, today’s generation is making cheating seems as though it is acceptable. I feel as though if you are unhappy in a relationship, grow up and communicate that to your partner. Don’t just up and decide to find someone else, especially if the other person is committed to you. Feelings are no joke. Depending on the amount of time and effort put into the relationship some people never truly heal, and some people become scared to commit again. Cheating isn’t and never will be acceptable in my eyes.