A Must See?

Haley Arispe

Deadpool is a fictional super-villain created by Marvel Comics first appearing in “The New Mutants” in February 1991 later starring in “X-force”. Since then he has continued to evolve into an antihero. Deadpools real identity is Wade Wilson his early life is mostly unknown, his mother died of cancer while he was still young and his dad was a military man. After his mother passed away Wade’s father became abusive toward young Wade and soon started drinking more and more. Eventually Wade became tiresome of his father’s way and started to fall into delinquent ways in spite of his father. After his father died Wade began his mercenary career while still in his teenage years wearing what is currently known as the deadpool suit. He only accepted assassination jobs killing those he felt deserved to die and if he failed he received plastic surgery to create a new identity; later on he was subjected to experiments which is how he developed healing powers henceforth making his alter ego Deadpool.    

The film Deadpool originally attempted to be produced with director/writer David Goyer working with the actor Ryan Reynolds. However Goyer lost interest on this projected and completely dropped the whole idea. Later the next year Century Fox gained interest on the spin-off that is Deadpool. Not being able to put in the time needed to create the film at the moment later picking it up again year’s later hiring writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick to write the script. The official release date announced to be released in February 2016 with Tim Miller as the director.


Deadpool is a must see movie filled with comedy, action, and sentimental moments. The majority of the movie is filled with flashbacks from his past regarding the love of his life Vanessa and Deadpools past life of being Wade and how he came to be. Wade developed an illness and in hopes of being cured he submits to take part in the testing of the Weapon X program which is how he gained his mutant ability of accelerated healing. In order to unlock his mutated ability he is tortured and experimented on until he is near death. Not only is his physical appearance damaged, but also his mentality. Not knowing exactly what he was getting into Wade soon came to regret his decision and is now on a vendetta to change back into his former self to be with the one he loves. I rate it a 7.5 out of 10 soaring eagles.