The Prom Kit: Attire, Glamour & More

Jawan Douglas

Prom is approaching, and every senior in school is prepping for this momentous event. When it comes to prom, no amount is questionable, for the better, the more expensive! Seniors girls and guys will be looking for the best ways to impress when coming to Prom 2016. But, is it best to always have the most expensive items? You’ll find out when I show you the best way to look expensive, without having to pay the worth of 10 checks.


Dresses & Suits:

The piece de la resistance of every student’s prom attire is his or her dress/suit. Girls want to get their dresses to come from the hottest high-end retail clothing stores. They want that perfect dress to be sparkly, attractive, the crowd-pleaser, but most of all; they want it to be the envy of other girls. Men want their suit to be the same one that their role model (i.e. football player, rapper, celebrity icon, etc.) wears. They want to show swag, style, and class. I mean, who doesn’t want to look like Usher, Corey Bonner, or even, Von Miller? But instead of getting attire that will empty your house’s piggy bank, consider these tips best to use when you want to be style-savvy, but also reasonable in financial matters.


  • Ask someone to alter a dress to make it look expensive.
  • Dry-clean, and re-style the outfit to give it that hot new look.
  • Shop somewhere where you can get the best for a reasonably low cost.


All in all, style still matters, but maybe you should rethink where to shop, for you and/or your parents’ sakes.


Makeup, Accessories & More:

When in doubt of making the perfect accessory, eye shadow, or lipstick, to bring more flare to your attire, think about the following qualities:

Color: The color of your attire is the basis of how you look for prom. Think of the perfect colors that will help compliment your skin tone and the dress.

Style: Look modern, chic and stylish all the way! Make sure that you look positively radiant, and fashion-forward.

Appropriateness: Always remember to look appropriate for prom. Never show any excessive amount of cleavage, or any explicit showing of your body. Look classy, not trashy. Attire makes the attitude, and looking trashy won’t get you anything but the wrong looks.


Looking your best can be expensive, but while prepping for Prom, always think style, and money, wise.