Calling All the Makeup Geeks

Jada Temple, Staff Member

Makeup is huge phenomenon that is taking the beauty world by storm. From foundation to concealer, almost everywhere you go someone is wearing makeup. But as perfect as the makeup world may seem, it does have it’s faults. Here are few tip that everyone should know about the multi-billion dollar industry in order to be a pro in the makeup world.

The first issue is really common throughout makeup brands which is face related, ie foundation, concealer, bb cream, tinted moisturizer, and powder. Many brands go above and beyond to make sure people have the right shade, but it’s sad to say that it does not apply to women of darker complexion. Lots of companies shades stop in the olive tone range, leaving women who are darker left out. But that shouldn’t cease you from wearing foundation. MAC, NARS, Maybelline, and Iman are just a few on the companies that make sure that women of color has the same variety as fair skin people. Make sure you foundations matches your skin tone. If you have to mixed two foundations together to get you shade then so be it.

Do you have horrible dark circles that you wish would vanish? Well, finding the right color corrector will solve all your problems. Orange concealer helps cover up the dark circles. After you have applied your primer you then proceed to apply a orange concealer under your eyes or on any dark spots on your face. After that, apply the foundation. There are many different color concealer to help different flaws. If you ever get in a little brawl and wind up with a purple or blue bruise, then yellow concealer is definitely your friend. If you find yourself blushing easily all the time and hate it then green concealer is your go to product.

Contouring is probably already a household name. It was first recognized in the media when the infamous Kim Kardashian post a before and after selfie of her contour. It didn’t take long before almost every girl ran to Sephora to by a contour kit. Since then contour has been a huge part in makeup. Now contouring isn’t as easy as the youtube gurus shows you. It takes technique and patience. You can’t just contour with any shade. Anastasia Beverly Hills has an amazing contour palette making sure that fits every girl shade. If you fair skinned then you would probably go for the shade ‘Fair’. If you have olive toned skin then ‘Light to Medium’ will do the trick. If you have a dark olive tone complexion or tawny colored skin then ‘Medium to Tan’ will do you justice. If you have dark or chocolate toned skin then ‘Deep’ is the way to go.

So before you start to use makeup you should know these things. And this isn’t the half of the stuff you need to know. Research is the answer. Go to makeup counter and ask questions about your skin tone or eyeshadows pigmentations. Practice makes perfect. While your at home bored, practice makeup so you can improve your skills.