TCU Scholars

Inside on being a TCU Scholarship winner


Jawan Douglas, Staff Member

The Chancellor’s Scholarship is TCU’s most aggressive legitimacy honor and incorporates full educational cost for eight semesters. Understudies who are chosen to go after a Chancellor’s Scholarship must be met on grounds or by video-conferencing. This procedure happens in January or February. Hence, understudies who trust they might be qualified for the Chancellor’s Scholarship are profoundly urged to apply Early Action or presently. While all candidates are considered for grant, the individuals who apply after the Chancellor’s Scholarship meeting process has finished won’t be considered for this prestigious grant.


Jewell Cooksie, Charles-Michael Uzuegbunam, and 5 other students, have been awarded with such an honor. They have worked hard towards earning it, and we are very proud that it’s been paid off handsomely. The scholarship is full-ride, so it will cover everything needed for them while they are studying at TCU. We only were able to interview 2 students, so we have chosen to interview Jewell and Charles, knowing that they will represent their fellow winners well.


Jewell Cooksie

“It feels amazing and it shows that all my hard work has paid off, but I know that it is the beginning for me to work even harder. TCU is always been one of the top choices, but varies due to my visitations to other colleges. Besides TCU, I’ve always considered UT @ Austin and Texas A&M at College Station as other choices for college enrollment.”


Charles-Michael Uzuegbunam

“It’s pretty amazing knowing that all the hard work throughout the process has aid off. TCU is my number one choice, actually, and knowing that I made it is really unbelievable. I considered UT @ Austin and Texas A&M as my other college choices, but I’m very glad to have made it to TCU with a full-ride scholarship. I know that I don’t have to worry about paying for m undergrad degree, that’s for sure. I also am glad that my parents don’t have to worry about paying for my college life and necessities. First, you must apply and get accepted to TCU. Next, they look over and find the finalists for the scholarship. Next, representatives of TCU must interview you, and after that, you’ll be later notified by them if you made it or not. I feel like TCU will prepare me for what comes next, thanks to the provided courses that I will be pursuing. My goal in life so to be a physician specializing in orthopedics, and for it to happen, I must have my Pre-Requisites when graduating.”


Once again, congratulations to those seven students, who have won the TCU Chancellor’s Scholarship, and we hope that you make it big there!