Viola’s House- Giving Teen Mothers a Second Chance

Hayley Arispe

The Viola’s House is a nonprofit shelter located on1819 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd Dallas, TX for teenage mothers between the ages of 12-21 that were sprung with an unexpected pregnancy. This emergency center will not only provide them with the basic living necessities such as housing, food, water, and clothes it will help the mothers take a turn in their life to make positives changes in order to benefit them in the future.

“Being a teenaged mother is hard enough, but adding on the fact that you’re homeless is a life no one should have to live. Not only do these girls get a place to stay,” Viola’s House also works to give the girls an education as well, Cynthia Tamez, a member of D.H.S. Girls said.

The Violas House was originally formed in 2008 as a “Maternity House” and has continued to strive to help others. The creator of the Viola House thought of this idea to help teen mothers because she was once a teen mother that needed support and care that her family and others did not provide. She wanted to provide to young girls because she never received that second chance from anyone else.

“Dr. Burns told us about this home for young mothers and we immediately started planning ways that we could help them. There are even girls from our school that are in this program, and I hope they see the posters and the people donating and that they’re touched by it,” Cynthia said.

The D.H.S. Girls mentoring program has partnered up with Dr. Burns to collect supplies and products, such as baby items and feminine products for the mothers. The Girls are asking students and teachers to donate to the cause. There are boxes in the different offices around the school in which students and teachers can drop items off to donate to the Viola’s House.