Commotion in the Ocean


There are so many interesting events and activities that go on during every school year, and homecoming is one of them. The homecoming theme was “Commotion in the Ocean”. We had a parade, the city pep rally, dance, the court and nominations, the games, and not to mention the spirit dress up days. That’s what it was all about!

Most high school’s love to kick off their homecoming celebration with a “Spirit Week”, where each day of the week is themed with crazy and exciting ideas and students are encouraged to participate. Desoto also reversed the normal by kicking off the week with the Homecoming Dance on Monday instead of the usual Friday or Saturday night.

Even though 80 people attended the homecoming dance instead of the usual average of 200, Ms. Ryann Campbell said that the kids had a great time and even the teachers and administrators were dancing. Monday was also the first day of the themed outfits! Every day of the week students and staff showed school pride through expressive and creative clothing.

“It was interesting not having to be in uniform,” Sophomore Sara Topic said. “I wish we could dress like that with our friends more often. It was fun.”

The first theme of spirit week was nerd day, which encouraged students to let out their inner geek. Both students and staff throughout Desoto high school were dressed in their best nerd attire from suspenders to bowties.

“Nerd day was a day that I could express myself as one of the manly aspects of myself,” high school sophomore, Haley Freeney said. “A nerd with style.”

On Tuesday, it was friendship with twin day. Students grabbed their BFF’S and worked to craft the most creative outfits to impress their classmates. There were even triplets and quadruplets in the mix.

“There were some students who wore the same t-shirt, Kimora Howard said. “But other students matched from headband to sneakers. It was crazy.”

Wednesday’s theme was “fun in the sun”. Students and teachers came to school rocking in their tropical shirts, hats, and shades. Some staff even found it necessary to bring their favorite pool floaties. It may not be summer anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go and have fun in the sun.

“I loved how the teachers participated that day.” Priscilla (who) said. “They wore cute little floaties, I wanted to take one honestly.”

There was also the homecoming parade on Wednesday and there were about 50 entries participating. The parade had hundreds of spectators lining the streets to watch the different festivities that they had in the line. On display were the DeSoto Eaglettes, the Ma’at steppers, the cheerleaders, and all of the other different elementary schools included. For the parade the
Ma’at steppers came in first place, Eaglettes came in second place, and cheerleaders came in third place. Moates, and third The homecoming parade had eventually ended at the Eagle stadium with a pep rally. Participates in the pep rally were the Eaglettes, majorettes, cheerleaders, choirs and the senior moms.

After the parade and pep rally on Wednesday, Throwback Thursday gave everyone the chance to show their old fashion style. Students raided their parent’s closets and teachers brought out their old favorites. It shows that no matter how old the fad may get, it’ll never go out of style.

“More people participated in this one than any other day,” Haley (who) said. “Lots of people got into character and had fun with it.”

The homecoming week’s last outfit theme was spirit day, where students of each graduating class wore their designated spirit shirt color. “I really wish that my class color could’ve been black,” Kimora said. “The seniors are so lucky!”

The very last event that ended the homecoming week was the homecoming game on

On Friday, DeSoto played Irving. Desoto’s defense held Irving Macarthur to 67 receiving yards and forced one turnover, securing a win. DeSoto quarterback Shawn Robinson left the game with 28-0 lead with 3:39 left in the third quarter after he also completing 7 of 18 passes for 168 yards. Shawn threw one touchdown on a screen to pass to Emmet. Emmet Perry finished the game with five receptions for 131 yards and three touchdowns. The Eagle football team retained their undefeated status in the game against Irving high school. Seats were packed with students, parents, and of course the alumni. Graduates of the high school met with current students to share stories and compare school spirit while watching the football team do their thing. With a final score of 51-7, the team showed their DeSoto pride and officially ended the high school’s 2016 homecoming on a great note.