Meet Your New Teachers


The new school year started with 42 new teachers, a new principal, and five new counselors. After school began five more teachers were added to the faculty. The new teachers are now bringing different experiences to the students.


One of our new teachers is Mr. James Sturgeon a Sociology and psychology teacher. He taught for four years in Louisiana, before moving to Texas. Mr. Sturgeon decided to teach at DeSoto because he was just so impressed by the Associate Principal Elder Barnes and the faculty.


“The kids are great and they are all smart and well behaved,” Sturgeon said. He wants to have a positive influence on the students.“I want the best for my students,” Sturgeon said


The new teachers are bringing goals they want to accomplish along with a passion for teaching.One such teacher is Mr. Carpenter Malcolm, a math teacher. Carpenter decided to teach at DeSoto because he wanted to be part of a great school. Carpenter has new goals and ideas for his students which are to have positive a positive influence on their lives.


“I hope that the students have a great positive school year,” he said”


New teachers are having a great time learning about their students. They are coming up with new ideas and other things for everyone in the class to get to know each other like doing more hands-on projects and classroom assignments as they also try to do more group assignments.


The English teacher is Ms. Nashika Taybor brings 15 years of experience to DeSoto. She wanted a new experience this school year after teaching at Cedar Hill. “I want to make my student’s college and career ready,” she said.