DeSoto Crushes Abilene in the Last Two Minutes



Photo 1

Touchdown—Jermonne Williams scores the first touchdown for the DeSoto Eagles in a game that belonged to the Eagles from Abilene the first half of the game. Williams scored a on run from seven yards out to make the score 7-14 for Abilene. Abilene dominated the first half with an interception and a fumble recovery off an onside kick. But the DeSoto Eagles came back to put the game on ice and advance to a playoff game with Cedar Hill.


Photo 2

Aerial attack—Shawn Robison threw a 55 yard pass to Laykiska Shenault Jr. who scored late in game to put the Eagles in a position to win the game. It was the second touchdown pass the Chenault Jr. scored on from Robinson. After a fumble recovery in the last two minutes of the game Robison ran for a score to put the Eagles ahead 49-45.


In the final minutes of the game, with an improbable 10-point rally, DeSoto defeats Abilene 49-45. They manage to score two touchdowns in the last minutes of the game, allowing them to continue on to play Cedar Hill next week. DeSoto is #2 in the state, and for the last four years they’ve lost out to Allen (who’s # 1), but because of the change in districts we won’t be playing them this year in playoffs. We will, however, be playing Cedar Hill this Saturday at the AT&T stadium @5:30. Tickets are $12 pre-sale and $15 at the game.

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