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Angelica Chacon

Angelica Chacon, Photographer

IMG_0169She’s a Junior, and she’s 17-years-old. She’s going to be Sports Editor next year. She loves photography. Her mentors are Mr. Baker, and Byron. She has a mix tape, called “Dorie” that the world is just not ready for. She loves horror movies, and her favorite is Dead Silence because killer dolls interest her. She enjoys Sunday roast sessions with the squad. Her favorite color is butt naked brown, because it looks smooth with lotion on it. Her favorite ice cream is cookie dough, and her favorite candy is Del La Rosa’s; she calls them Mexican crack. The best moment of her life was when her friends kidnapped her on Valentines Day and took her to the movies. “I was the only girl so it was kind of awkward,” she said.

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Angelica Chacon