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Nia Mosley

Nia Mosley, Staff Member

Nia Mosely is known as “The Goddess” since she always shows up to class looking like she stepped off a runway. She is very, very talkative, but only when she’s not silent, which is like almost all the time. She likes people but at the same time she doesn’t. Her favorite food is Italian. She loves writing short stories; she’s an aspiring Novelist.  She is a pretty dedicated lazy person, but she’s really good at basketball she’s played it for 6 years. She’s a little weird and a perfectionist by heart. She doesn’t eat the un-proportional sized cheerios, or the burnt chips, but she’s not judgmental. She’s a makeup up lover; who spends 30 minutes drawing her eyebrows. She’s a skinny fat person. She loves everything strawberry. For some reason she wants two middle names. Her first one is Cymone, and she wants her second one to be Aliquisha. She even told her mom. She’s a very artsy person, who love, love, loves arts  & crafts. But she’s not very fond of glitter but will tolerate it. She’s very opinionated, and probably the nicest person you’ll ever meet.

She has been a member of our staff for two years.

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Nia Mosley