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Shabazz Chappel

Shabazz Chappel, Staff Member

IMG_8722He’s a senior at Desoto, and it’s his first year in Newspaper. His birthday is June 30, making him a cancer. He’s 5’7 with dark brown hair. He’s a photographer/writer, and he’s also the Eagle Battalion Commander for JROTC. He’s extremely random and friendly and he loves to make people happy and play video games. His best friend is Lizzy, and you’ll always catch him on her phone taking selfies on her Snapchat. He loves Starwars, Fall Out Boy, and wearing Lizzy’s sweaters just to get a laugh. His favorite animal is a zebra, he likes them because they’re black and white and he’s mixed with black and white as well. “I like Eating wings, popeye’s fries, and other foods!” - Shabazz

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Shabazz Chappel