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Byron Hernandez & Celeste Garcia
Byron Hernandez

Age: 18 years old.

Grade: Senior.

He considers himself a bear. He’s going to UNT, and he’s excited about it because it’s going to be different. He’ll be majoring in Journalism, claims he’s going to be “A bear Journalist.” Jabarri is his best friend and he trusts him with his life. He’s currently dating Celeste, she’s very supportive with everything that he wants to do, protective, caring, and spoils him. Celeste describes him as “sarcastic, funny, and nice.”  He spends his weekends with Celeste watching Disney movies, listening to music, and going out to eat.


Celeste Garcia: She doesn’t really care what people think. She dyes her hair roughly three times a year, her favorite time being when she bleached it orange. She loves to read; her favorite series being the Fallen series. She listens to music 24/7. She’s currently dating Byron Hernandez, who she calls “sarcastic, funny, and nice.”

Byron Hernandez & Celeste Garcia, Photographers

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Byron Hernandez & Celeste Garcia