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Chadrick Holliday Jr.
Chad Holliday, the egotistical, sarcastic and slightly sadistic Chedwick Hooligan. Harbinger of many aliases, man of many mysteries and endless void of useless information. This guy is effin great, like seriously he is amazing. He is legit the greatest thing to grace the Eagle Eye newspaper, or even DeSoto High School for that matter. Think about it, this kid is legit a pivotal player in so many school organizations. Journalism, Newspaper, Yearbook, JROTC, hell he could go run the Anime Club if he wanted to. And it's not just school, this man has had many jobs in his lifetime and he has been the savior of all of them. Chedwick doesn't get fired; he quits so he can get another job and thus another challenge. This kid is GAWD, plain and simple. Disagree and you'll catch a Megidoloan that'll make Elizabeth blush.

Known as "The Face" since he believes he can get away with anything based on his looks alone.

Chadrick Holliday Jr., Co-Editor

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Chadrick Holliday Jr.