The DeSoto Eagle Eye

Elizabeth Miceli
Grade: Senior.

Position: Photography Editor.

Birthday: May 10th.

She’s a Taurus. She loves taking pictures, and selfies. She’s a very vibrant and colorful person even though she looks gothic some days. She’s always willing to help people with their articles and with personal problems. She’s always hanging out with her best friends Shabazz and Rocky and her honorary sister Vanessa. She loves giraffes and rats- she calls it Girffat. She loves popcorn, pizza, cheesecake, R&B music, the color red, slushies’, and her dogs, Mini and Tia. She has one brother and two sisters; she’s the youngest in her family. She wants to be a therapist when she grows up, so she can help people with mental disabilities; either that or a Journalism teacher.

Elizabeth Miceli, Photographer Editor

Be part of it.
Elizabeth Miceli