The DeSoto Eagle Eye

Jasmine Langley

JasmineShe’s the “mother” of the staff. She’s the type of person that will tell you how it is. She’s blunt, but she’s really nice. Newspaper editor, the one that does all the hard work behind the scenes. She takes her job very seriously. Her favorite color is black and she loves the TV show Martin. She has four sisters and a step sister. Her best friend is Sabrien Williams, who started off not liking her but eventually warmed up to her. She likes hip-hop, not rap. “I’m really boring, I’m extremely boring. Everyone knows me by how boring I am. I take pictures, and I listen to music. I tried to do art, but I’m not very good at it. I, myself, am a walking piece of art.” She’s 100% convinced she’s made of stardust and dirt; it runs through her veins.


Jasmine Langley, Newspaper Editor

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Jasmine Langley