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Nia Mosley
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She’s 17-year-old Junior at Desoto High. Her birthday is on March 22nd; she’s an Aries. She’s like carbon- silent but deadly. She can be as quiet as a mouse at times, but that’s because she likes to express herself through her writing- and she does! She’s an amazing writer, and she’s really good at writing editorials! She’s been writing since she was in the 6th grade and it’s practically her life. She hopes to be an author or a model when she’s older. She’s very picky over the cereal she eats, and she won’t eat the small shaped cheerios- only the big ones. She’s the Queen of selfies, and she really loves the color purple! She has four brothers and one sister; she’s the middle child. She loves video editing and film. Her best friend is Aston Welch, they’ve been friends for eleven years and they’re still closer than ever. She drinks sugar-free red bull and she loves all things Italian and strawberry. She can come off quiet, but she’s a really nice person once you get to know her!

Nia Mosley, Staff Member

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Nia Mosley