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Sydney Salmon
Sydney Salmon, also known as “Young Fish”, is actually Hannah Montana. As you can see, she has a bunch of different personalities. She’s the Graphic Design Editor of the Eagle Eye. She’s lactose intolerant but she’ll risk a stomachache for ice cream any day. She likes this stupid stuff called K-pop, and it’s her obsession right now. It may change in the near future though. She’s always loved music, and she’s open to all types- especially music in different languages. She’s in Junior Varsity choir, but she doesn’t plan on pursing a music career. What she really wants to do is cut up people. Not dead people- but living people. Brooklyn 99 is what inspired her interest in the forensic sciences. She loves the thought of cutting open living humans- but she’s not a serial killer (or so she says).

Sydney Salmon, Graphics Editor

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Sydney Salmon