The DeSoto Eagle Eye

Vanessa Arredondo

Known as: "The Best Ponytail"

Age: 17

Birthday: August 18

Height: 5'4

Just a quirky girl with really long dark brown hair. She’s very passionate about journalism and loves to write. Every morning she goes around checking on people and offering to help them with articles they're working on, or just to help them with personal problems. Lover of zebras, butterflies, dresses, chucks, chicken nuggets, wearing headbands, and Taylor Swift. She began writing in middle school when a girl named Jessica introduced her to poetry. Her honorary sister/best friend is Lizzy Miceli. “I’m cooler than cool, I’m ice cold!” She has a love/hate relationship with being editor. Her biggest fear is being a disappointment. When she’s older she wants to be a novelist. She's a dress code breaker, a life long friend, and she can truly rock a ponytail.

Vanessa Arredondo, Editor-in-chief

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Vanessa Arredondo